British born actress Archie Panjabi , who play Kalinda Sharma in the ever-so popular US series ‘The Good Wife’ was honoured as the ‘Artist of Residence’ at Harvard in America.

“We are honored and pleased to bring an actor of Archie Panjabi’s calibre to Harvard University,” said Jack Megan, director, Office for the Arts at Harvard. “Students gain enormous insight into the creative process when interacting with professional artists, and Ms. Panjabi’s work in film and television — coupled with her involvement in philanthropic and humanitarian causes — will be an invaluable learning experience.”

Panjabi said in a statement, “As a child, I had two ambitions: attend university and become an actress.”

“In this Harvard invitation, both aspirations have come together in an incredibly lovely full circle moment. It’s my hope sharing the journey and the work will in some way help students ignite dreams of their own. I know this will be a mutually enlightening, informing and inspiring experience,” Panjabi added.

The actress which embarked on her acting career in the UK making debut in the film ‘East is East’, she has has become a one of the most successful TV actresses in the US, winning a number of awards for her roles. Archie’s screen credits include ‘East is East’, ‘Bend it Like Beckham’, ‘A Good Year’, ‘A Mighty Heart’ and ‘Silent Witness’.