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RIHANNA LOUD AS EVER – By James Logan, edited by Reena Combo This is probably Rihanna’s most open interview ever. The singing sensation talks openly to Ikonz World about growing up with her cocaine addicted father, the love for her mother, her new red locks, the release of Loud and much more.   How did having a father, who was addicted to crack cocaine and who beat your mother, affect you, growing up, and shaped you as a person? In life, every negative thing or horrible thing that has happened, or is happening, like that always [leads to] something great coming out of it. You can’t see that at the time but now, when I look back at my childhood, I would never have been the person I am now; I wouldn’t be the woman I am now and my skin wouldn’t be this thick – and these are the things I need in an industry, like this, that I work in – so my childhood definitely helped me to survive with this industry.   How important has your mother been in your life? Definitely important. She’s definitely had the most influence on me, throughout my life and even now I see a lot of her coming out – even in my facial expressions. I mean, when I was younger, a lot of people said ‘oh, you look like...

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Polaris World – Spain, Murcia

I recently went to the lovely city of Murcia is Spain and stayed at the Intercontinental La Torre Hotel run by Polaris World. The weather was amazing, considering it was pouring down in the UK! I had a fab time and had never realised how lovely Polaris World resorts are until I went on this trip…so thought I’d share it with you all…. Forget anything that is etched into the collective consciousness about Spanish developers.  Forget about low quality construction, high density, unfinished developments and – most of all – the dreaded “land grab.” Instead, understand Polaris World, perhaps...

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By Adam Yosef Music superstar and television presenter Alesha Dixon exclusively chats to Ikonz World about her latest track Every Little Part of Me, featuring Jay Sean. She also discusses her role as TV judge on Strictly Come Dancing, her experiences of domestic violence and her outlook on the future…  Firstly, we hear you’ve just had surgery on your foot? How are you recovering? I’m six weeks into recovery now on my feet, I had some surgery done – corrective bone surgery – just before Christmas and haven’t been able to walk but for the last few days I’ve been out of the house without these horrific ‘moon boots’ that the doctor gave me to wear, which did nothing for me, so yeah, on the mend and hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll be fully healed and the scars can start going down but hey-ho… Congrats on the new track with Jay Sean, how did that come about? How did you come to meet Jay Sean and decide to do a track together? Well Jay Sean and I have been friends for quite a few years now actually. You know what, I don’t even know how we became friends actually but we new a lot of the same people, we used to hang out a lot socially and he’s such a nice guy, how could you not want...

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