GuiltyPleasuresBrit-Asian film tackles hard hitting topics


Brit Asian filmmaker tackles child grooming and sex trafficking


Midlands based production company Smooth Demon Productions is set to screen the first episode of its highly anticipated new drama series, ‘Guilty Pleasures’.


Inspired by true events that took place within Rotherham and Derby between 1997 and 2013, the 50 minute pilot revolves around a British Asian family living in modern day Birmingham, England.


The story focuses on hardworking motor mechanic Rehan ‘Ryan’ Shah and how his life is flipped upside down when his notorious cousin, Mohammed ‘Sid’ Siddique re- enters his life after a five-year absence. After joining Sid in the underworld crime scene, it is not long before Ryan takes charge and morphs from an honest family man into a criminal mastermind and ringleader of Britain’s largest sex trafficking organisation. Why, when and how does this kind and gentle soul turn from hero to villain and the ultimate monster?


​All questions will be answered but many more will be raised at the premiere of this unique project. The free event takes place at the Mockingbird Theatre & Bar, Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Birmingham, B9 4AA on Saturday July 30th at 7pm (doors open from 6pm).


This event has been created to show the British audience exactly what is going on in our streets right now. How well do you actually know your best friend, your uncle Bob or that “perfect” new couple that’s just moved next door? What really happens behind closed doors? Are we going just to carry on thinking that child grooming and sex trafficking only exists in third world countries?


Sonny Michael Chohan, owner of Smooth Demon Productions and creator of the series, comments: “When I began researching this project almost three years ago, I faced nothing but negativity from those around me because I was choosing a topic that would make people feel uncomfortable. The problem in this country is that we are too afraid to face reality and would much rather prefer to turn a blind eye to the real issues our children face in today’s world. I come from an Asian background, so when it comes to discussing things like forced sex, child abuse and rape, especially if the victim or the attacker happens to be of Asian origin, my people go quiet.  Well not me!


I have created Smooth Demon as a platform for those people whose voices are not being heard. I am not afraid of tackling such issues through television, especially within Asian communities, because nobody else seems to be doing it.”