Social media has been abuzz with the latest trailer from the upcoming Punjabi film ‘Khido Khundi’ starring Ranjit Bawa, Manav Vij, Guggi Gill and Mandy Takhar. Kirat Raj Singh caught up with the lead protagonist, Ranjit Bawa and asked him about his latest venture.

KRS: Bawa ji, Sat Sri Akaal. Tell us more about your film Khido Khundi.

Bawa: Khido means a ball made of torn clothes and Khundi is what you call a curved stick. This film is set at the backdrop of a village Sansarpur, known for producing 14 Olympians who brought laurels to the nation. This film, very closely, relates to the sentimental values of Sansarpur which was come to be known as the Mecca of Hockey. The story is not about a particular person or event, but bravado of two brothers who are passionate about the game.

KRS: How did you prepare for the role in this movie?

Bawa: It was tough. I had never played hockey before and my fitness needed working on too. I shed 17-18kgs weight to gain a more suitable physique and took training on how to play the game from the former captain of the Indian Hockey Team, Sandeep Singh. This film is very different to anything I have done before and therefore saw this as a huge test for myself to see how far I could push myself.

KRS: Any specific anecdote that you may want to share about the training?

Bawa: Well as you can imagine it was incredibly exhausting doing so much training and exercise. I still have an injury in my upper back which I got during the hockey training sessions. I remember how the crew on the film sets had to bring 20kg of ice each day so that I could immerse myself in the ice in the bathtub and relieve some of the pain.

KRS: How was the experience working with senior artists such as Manav Vij and Guggu Gill?

Bawa: I have worked with Manav bhaji before in the film ‘Bhalwan Singh’ and we share a great rapport. In fact, it we have such a great bond that we were able to replicate that onscreen so easily. However, it was my first time sharing screen space with Guggu Gill ji and it was like a dream come true for me. I have grown up watching his films and regard him as a legend of the industry so just to work with him was a surreal experience. I learnt a lot from him.

KRS: Tell us about the music of the film.

Bawa: There is four songs in the film out of which I have sang in three. Sukhwinder Singh ji has sang the fourth song. Music has been done by Jaidev Kumar ji and lyrics have been done by various writers including Fateh Shergill and Tejinder Teji bhaji. All songs are heartfelt and I hope would be appreciated by the audiences.

KRS: What message would you like to give to IKONZ magazine readers?

Bawa: First, thank you to you all for your love and support. Please do go out and watch this film with your family and friends. It is our labour of love and passion and we really hope you will enjoy our work. Thank you and God bless.

Khido Khundi is out in cinemas on 20th April 2018