FojiMentahFoji’s unique ‘Mentah’ impresses fans


After a long two and a half years of obstacles the video is finally ready, and the arguably most awaited single from Foji entitled ‘Mentahhas now been released!


‘Mentah’ has been sang and masterfully penned and produced by Foji and features the evergreen vocals of Gurlej Akhtar. Mentah is a Punjabi duet with a hint of Bollywood influence, evident throughout the music and video.


Known for his unique videos, Foji yet again provides another unseen video concept. However, this time it is not only a Bhangra first but a music industry first!


JussyFojiFoji says, “I thought of this video idea and didn’t expect it to take as long as it has taken, I didn’t realise how difficult it was to create! As a result, it’s taken  this long for the final product to be released, but now the time has finally come and I hope you enjoy the video!”


‘Mentah’ is available on all good leading digital stores