SRKabsThe most famous faces in Bollywood are currently enjoying the use of TechnoShape. With it’s stimulating ability to help you get a toned figure faster, these stars are really excited about the amazing results this device could make to how their bodies look onscreen. With HD coming to every screen soon the pressure to get the best results for that close up is amplified for the Bollywood boys and girls.


The award winning ‘King of Bollywood’ Shah Rukh Khan tweeted his intentions on using TechnoShape to get back his abs, “My new gizmo for abs…the TechnoShape. Now u just wait and see…yeah!!” With the help of his celebrity trainer Prashant Sawant,  Shah Rukh Khan has been using the device alongside his normal aerobic exercise, to help him achieve the perfect abs.


The three times ‘Filmfare’ Award winning actor Abhishek Bachchan is also using Technoshape to achieve incredible results. Bachnan is currently obsessing over  TechnoShape and is using it to help him gain his highly desired 8 pack. He has tweeted both pictures of the device and that TechnoShape is a “must have for people looking for a flat stomach”, showing that TechnoShape does a brilliant job on toning the midriff. The outcome has been extremely positive and no doubt it will continue to produce and maintain great results on their abs.


Manfred Schwaiger Shah Creator of Technoshape with Prashant Sawant and Shah Rukh Khan.


Technoshape Is also being used by UK stars and high profile individuals like SRKabs2recent mum Coleen Rooney, Pop mogul Simon Cowell and mum, actress and music manager Sinitta.


Technoshape is a unique device. Technoshape uses “Pressure Pause Therapy” to stimulate circulation and enhance fat-burning around the midriff area. The midriff is known to be an area where people can find it very difficult to lose weight. Technoshape can target this area, helping to get rid of any unwanted fat, leaving you with a defined, toned shape in   shorter time. Technoshape can increase positive results in just three forty-minute sessions per week. We currently live in a society, where time is short and if you need or want faster results Technoshape provides a superb solution to abdominal fitness problems. Not to be mistaken as your typical quick-fix product however; this is an excellent device, which really does produce amazing results.


SRKtrainingIn addition to Technoshape delivering faster abdominal fitness is also beneficial for your health. Pressure Pause Therapy has also been designed to support the natural movement of the digestive system and increase circulation, which can also boost the lymphatic and venous flow.


TechnoShape is hassle-free, where you can easily fit the routine into your established aerobic and regular cardiovascular routine, along with a healthy diet plan to bring toned and lean results. It is also very easy to use; you simply fix the belt around your waist and follow the on screen instructions. Appealing to a wide market, this device is unisex, giving amazing results to both men and women. Technoshape has a sleek and streamlined design fitting in with your professional gym surrounds and at home work out space.


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