Punjabi film “HARJEETA” is directed by Vijay Kumar Arora and features singing sensation Ammy Virk, bollywood luminary Pankaj Tripathi, as well as Raj Jhinger, Prakash Gadhu, Sawan Rupowali, Sameep Singh and Sukhi Chahal.

Kirat Raj Singh went along to a UK Premiere of the movie on behalf of IKONZ and here gives his review.

Ammy Virk’s latest venture sees him play the role of Indian Men’s Junior Hockey Team captain Harjeet Singh who led his team to victory at the 2016 Junior Hockey World Cup. Based on the remarkable true story of Harjeet Singh’s life, the film starts with his journey in his village in a very poor household, where one day he sees children from his school wearing a sports uniform and eating fruit. Wanting the “elasticated shorts” and fruit, little Harjeet Singh (known as Tulli in his village) decides to join the hockey team. Here he meets his coach who claims “Tulli has a fire in him. One day he will burst from the ground and reach the sky.”

The movie moves on from here and follows his trials and tribulations first through state level selections before reaching the national team and playing in international matches and leading the Indian team as its skipper.

The film has plenty of comedy and laugh out loud moments especially in the first half, showcasing the innocence of a young Harjeet Singh and how he faces the challenges around him. His relationship with his father, brilliantly played by Prakash Gadhu, is very sweet and goes on to prove that no dream is impossible if you have the support of your parents.

The film has some beautiful songs with very moving lyrics. They are all well placed in the film and help move the story along seamlessly. One example is “Sajna Je Sambhall Gaya” which is the song which pulls at the heartstrings of the listener and brilliantly portrays the heartbreak felt by the character in that moment.

Ammy Virk has underwent a magnificent transformation in order to play the role of Harjeet Singh, and his hard work shows becoming almost unrecognisable from his earlier outlook which we all are so used to. Pankaj Tripathi, who has been in seen in many bollywood films till now, makes his Punjabi film debut in this movie and leaves his mark, playing the role of the Bihari originated hockey coach flawlessly. Sawan Rupowali also does well in her role as Ammy Virk’s love interest. Without doubt, her performance in this film will open up many more doors for her in the Punjabi film industry.

The producers of this movie must be applauded for creating a biopic in a regional film industry which is known mainly for comedy and rom-coms. The result is a magnificent movie which will hopefully inspire others to follow suit. A must watch for all the family, I give the film 4 stars out of 5. – Kirat Raj Singh

“HARJEETA” is out in cinemas on 18th May 2018.