Shehzada finds Jaz taking it back to the desi touch of Punjabi music.

It’s been a while since you’ve heard a traditional Bhangra song from Jaz – it’s got that feel good energy and is produced by a new name in scene – V Rakx,

Rakx has however been part of a lot of Punjabi hits you’ve heard over the past couple of year.

Shehzada isn’t what audiences would traditionally label as UK Bhangra, this song is an expression of the Punjabi influences Jaz has been exposed to over the past year while living, performing and travelling in India. This one is upbeat, yet romantic and cheeky, you can definitely hear the influence from the Punjab region.

Shehzada is Jaz Dhami’s fourth single from the forthcoming album Pieces of Me, once again Jaz shows listeners his versatility as an artist. For those fans wanting more Bhangra from Jaz – there’s a lot more of that on the album, which is anticipated to release this summer.

Shehzada is available to buy now now.