There was time when he used to refer to her as his ‘lucky charm’ but now it seems producer Karan Johar and actress Kajol are at loggerheads.


Speaking to press in India Karan has allegedly blamed Kajol’s husband Ajay Devgan for their recent spat.


Apparently a recent interview has revealed that Karan has said he and Kajol ‘were done as friends’ and that the actress was ‘out of his life’ for good. It is also alleged that he has said Kajol’s husband Ajay was way out of line after he called him up and said really ‘nasty things’.


“He called me and shouted at me and said some really nasty things because he heard at a party that I’d said some things about his wife. I just felt that hearsay cannot be the reason for anyone to pick up the phone and say unsavoury things to anyone else. You have to give me the chance to defend myself,” he is reported to have said.


Karan had stated last month in his autobiography that his relationship with Kajol had soured when Ajay Devgan had accused theKaranAndKajol01 producer of paying a film critics money to trash his film Shivaay, which was releasing the same day as Karan’s produced Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Kajol had retweeted her husband’s tweet with the caption, “Shocking”.


“That was it. I felt she should’ve not allowed her husband to say such things about me & even if he had, she shouldn’t have endorsed and thirdly she should’ve picked up the phone and called me and said sorry for that entire situation. I’d like to say & I stand by it is that this is not a phase, a feeling that will change. No matter what, she’s out of my life,” Karan is reported to have said.