PriyankaQuanitco02Priyanka Chopra shows off hot figure in Quantico


Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra has definitely left her mark in the US in the new TV series Quantico. The actress plays tough talking FBI agent Alex Parrish in the hit American ABC drama. This is the first time Priyanka has been seen in such raunchy scenes, but the actress seems to be taking it all in her stride in the name of work.


PriyankaQuantico01The former Miss World has been praised for her acting in Quantico, and it seems fans of the show love looking at her slender physique – and who could blame them!


Priyanka has revealed to press that she is currently working up to 16 hours a day on filming. She has said, “”Success is not a destination…. Success is a journey. You are successful if you are consistently successful.”