RanaSahotaRaiduaRana Sahota Goes Desi


Living and performing in Punjab has shaped the sound you are about to hear on his latest single ‘Mangne te Raidua’


British Asian singer Rana Sahota has spent the best part of the last 12 months carving himself a niche in the attractive Punjabi music scene.


What’s Raidua?

Ever heard your Punjabi uncle or aunty change the sound of words common to us? ‘Raidua’ is another example of that, from Radio to Raidua.


The Desi flare is undeniable in the vocals, the lyrics by Pirti Silon capture the traditional Punjabi flavour and DJ Flow perfectly binds it all together to give you a flavoursome Punjabi party track.


This is the first full on desi track by Rana Sahota, you would have previously heard him on Addi Marke and Khadke Glassy, more recently in Mundra and Handbag. Here’s hoping the fans in Punjab and across the globe take to the latest offering from the young singer.