The release of the Barfi has meant that it has been a busy few weeks for the stars of the movie Ranbir Kappor and Priyanka Chopra. The Bollywood co-stars and Ileana d’Cruz have been promoting the film in North Indian cities and this week they visited Phoenix Mall in Bangalore, but as crowds reached records numbers Ranbir had to step in as a real life hero to protect himself and his co-stars.

As expected hundreds of fans were eager to see the stars and there were over 40,000 people shouting and screaming. The minute the stars stepped out and said “Hello Bangalore”, fans went crazy and broke the barricades separating them from the stars. Sources say that the fans were seen launching themselves towards Ranbir and so he acted as a protective barrier for his co-stars. He then ‘fled’ whilst still holding on to Priyanka and Ileana through the back entrance of the mall to safety. It was Ranbir who saved the day and members of his entourage were thankful ‘nothing serious happened’. The things bollywood stars have to go through!

By Zara Amina Taswar

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