sanjayduttjailSanjay Dutt talks about ‘Ungli’


It’s been a long wait for Sanjay Dutt’s release ‘Ungli’, but the time is finally here to see the veteran actor on the big screen again. Sanjay Dutt may be serving his sentence but he still took time out to speak to the media and press about his the movie.


Director Rensil D’Silva did say it was a difficult job to direct Sanjay Dutt for Ungli at a time when the actor was getting ready to surrender and serve his remaining jail term in the 1993 bomb blasts case.


Q. You perform a lot of stunts and take part in numerous fight scenes during this film; did you find this physically challenging?


A: It just so happens I am in the best shape of my life right now. I’ve lost a lot of weight and my fitness has got a lot better which meant I actually could enjoy all the stunts.


Q. Have you got any tips for keeping in such good shape?SanjayDuttUngli


A: Exercise! I know it sounds obvious but so many people talk about losing weight and gaining muscle but aren’t willing to put in the hard work to actually achieve it. Diet is also really important, you can exercise as much as you want but if you aren’t willing to change your diet then you won’t see a change.


Q. Did you enjoy having Rensil D’Silva as the director?


A: I think what makes Rensil such an amazing director is the fact he genuinely cares for his cast and really wants the best for them. It’s fairly unique to get someone like that, for me personally it means I have a deep respect for Rensil not only as a director, but as a friend.


Q. In this film, you play a hardline police officer called Inspector Kale, did you enjoy playing this role?


A: I think Inspector Kale is simply misunderstood (Laughs). I really enjoyed playing Kale, the stuns were all really fun and doing the fight scenes with the cast was hysterical. It’s fun playing the villain now and again, villains are so simple and you don’t have to worry about the audience loving you. My character is able to get away with anything and I think that sort of character is always the most enjoyable to play.


Perfectly capturing the current mood in India of curbing corruption, bribery and intimidation in the upper echelons of power and authority, Ungli is a beautifully acted and directed narrative that conveys in an effective and humorous manner how five ordinary citizens can make a difference in a city blighted by dark forces, as they literally give the proverbial ‘finger’ to the corrupt and dishonest.

Ungli releases on 28th November 2014 through Reliance Entertainment internationally.