BaaghiPosterTiger Shroff ‘Baaghi’ interview


Tiger Shroff talks about his upcoming movie ‘Baaghai’, and what it his dad Jackie really feels about him acting. Baaghi releases on 29th April 2016.


Tell us more about your film Baaghi

It is about going back to our roots and being proud of what we are. We had martial arts form here but don’t know why people were not using it. Everybody in the East wants to be like West and people in West want to be like East. I have tried my best to do justice to this art form. Whatever I have learnt so far, I want to up my quotient in action.


Aren’t you worried of being stereotyped?

No. But at the same time, I want them to come with that notion and I want them to go through the film, experience the film, and I want them to see the journey of my characters, I want to shock people. You cannot judge, the fact that they are judging me from one film that they are expecting Tiger Shroff film to be like this and like this, what does that tell you? I mean in one film have I already made my mark? I don’t think so, but it’s a very nice thought that people are thinking of me that way.


Your mom is your biggest cheerleader. While your dad is more of a silent supporter. What’s your comment on that?

I think my father is most insecure about me and most stressed and worried about me. My mother is a lot cooler. My father doesn’t show it, but he definitely feels very protective of me because he’s been through it. He’s been through the grind, he’s seen the dirty side and the good side.


TigerBaaghi02Your reaction to the buzz that Baaghi is similar to The Raid?

I haven’t seen The Raid. After this whole thing started, I saw the trailers that were being compared and I don’t know why people make such a big deal of it, because if that’s the case, then every hero is riding a horse. Lawrence Of Arabia should file a case against them or something like that. This only means that the trailer has definitely hit people in the right spot and it’s already made a mark and made some sort of impact and stirred some sort of an emotion. But, you know, you cannot put down somebody’s hard work like that. So what if we have a building in our movie? We can keep a fight scene on the ground or atop a building — wherever we want — that’s my director’s vision. What else can I say? I think we’ve worked so hard, it’s very upsetting that people would put such things on often like that because that’s not our intention at all. This is a Bollywood film, we have a love track, we have songs, we have Shraddha Kapoor who is fighting – there are so many characters.


You don’t take it as criticism?

When I go to watch a Jackie Chan film, I know what exactly I’m going to watch and that’s what I want and I want to be on the edge of my seat. I want to be entertained. The fact that I have made an identity and the fact that people are already expecting that out of me, it means I have already won. I have made an identity. People already know me for a reason.