PromiseDad01Tom Paulson ‘Promise Dad’ Interview


Tom Paulson speaks to Ikonz sub-editor Priya Combo about his role in the hit BritAsian movie ‘Promise Dad’.


Q) Where has the inspiration for Promise Dad come from?

A) The thing about this movie is that it is a combination of traditional Bollywood themes of music, interpreting emotion through music and especially family ties, as well as a father and son bond. Mixing with western influences of ice skating which mixes music and dance. So the inspiration comes from both sides.


Q) Could you tell us about your character in the movie?

A) My character is called Malay. His dad is Indian and mother is English and when his mother leaves to be with someone else, anger and hurt boils up inside of him and he finds that ice skating is a release. He throws himself into that, learning a new skill, pushing himself to be better. that is how I got into ice skating, my mother didn’t leave me though (he laughs) but I ad pushed myself in ice skating as I had a passion for it. I wanted to be my best.


Q) What would you say your biggest challenge as an actor was during the making of the moviePriya & Tom Paulson

A) The hardest part was that I am not an actor, I am an ice skater. I have done competitions, shows, performed around the world but I have never acted properly. The only acting I have done is on ice as a character and when you act on ice you are exaggerating movements and showing more emotion. On camera, it is very different. Expressions need to be smaller else it comes across very fake. So the hardest part was being natural and being myself.


Q) What can the audience expect from the movie?

A) I think it’s going to be a real mix. There is an artistic element portraying ice skating and the intense father-son relationship. So there is quite a bit of everything for everyone to see.


Q) If you could describe Promise Dad in 3 words.

A) Dramatic, Emotional and Fun.