Fans of the Punjabi entertainment industry were left shocked when they learnt popular actor, singer and producer Parmish Verma had been shot in his hometown of Mohali in India. He along with his friend, Kulwant Singh Chahal, were returning from an event in Chandigarh when they both were shot at.

Both singer and friend were immediately rushed to Fortis Hospital in Mohali and a statement was issued stating that both of them were out of danger. The actor and his friend had sustained a bullet injuries in their legs.

While police are still investigating what the motive was behind the attack, two Punjab gangsters have claimed responsibility.

Dilpreet Singh Dhahan posted on Facebook a picture of himself with a gun in his hand, and Parmish Verma’s picture with a cross on it. The post says, ‘I, Dilpreet Singh Dhahan, want to tell everyone that I’m behind the shooting of Parmish Verma.’

Punjab police have confirmed another gangster, Sampat Nehra, has also claimed responsibility.

“These claims could be to mislead the investigation but the involvement of gangsters cannot be ruled out,” said Senior Superintendent of Police, Kuldeep Singh Chahal.

Parmish Verma had shot to fame with its chartbuster ‘Gaal ni Kadni‘ song that has over 118 million views on Youtube. His latest song ‘Shaad‘ has earned 27 million views in just three weeks of its release.

A source close to Parmish’s team has told reporters, “Parmish has been getting ransom calls for two months now. Since we had many shows lined up, we could not cancel them, so he had informed the police in Mohali about the calls. They were kept in the loop about the ransom calls and Parmish had been following what the police had told him to do while dealing with such calls.”

Reacting to the Facebook post in which the ‘gangster’ Dilpreet Singh Dahan claimed responsibility for the attack, the source said, “There were around four -five people in their car. Parmish and his friends could not see anybody’s face, so we can’t be sure if it’s the same person. That is the job of the police to find out.”

Parmish Verma is said to be recovering well at home.