It has been rumoured that Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra will be a bridesmaid at the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, however Ikonz Mag can confirm that even though she is one of the former actress’ closest friends, it is likely she will not be a bridesmaid at the wedding…however it is reported she will will be there.

Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle have been very good friends for some time now.

In an interview with People Now Priyanka opened up about her excitement for the royal wedding, and confirmed that she is ‘not a bridesmaid’.

‘I’m super excited about her and her big day,’ the 35-year-old said of her close friend.

‘It’s not just going to be life-changing for both of them, it’s life-changing for the world that needs to see strong women as icons, and I think Meghan has the potential to be that.’

‘She’s just a really real girl,’ Chopra described Meghan to the publication. ‘She’s a girl’s girl. She’s a really relatable young woman who is concerned about the world just like you and I are. That’s what I love the most about her. I feel like her authenticity is what’s going to make her really stand out in this new life she’s going to take on.’

The bollywood stunner and former Miss world, Priyanka also told US talk show, ‘Rachel Ray, “She still texts a lot, which is great.”

“I’m so happy for everything that’s happened to her because I really feel like she’s one of those female icons that I feel could be a strong idol for girls around the world, because she really cares about the world,” she went on to say.

After meeting Markle, 36, at Elle’s Women in Television event in 2016, the actresses forged a close bond over their mutual passions to better the planet. With Markle set to walk down the aisle in two weeks, Chopra, 35, recognises the significance her friend’s marriage to Prince Harry, 33, will bring to the world.