FojiMentahFoji Gill involved in money laundering case


It has been reported that Bhangra singer Foji Gill has been remanded in custody for being involved in money laundering.


News has soon began to spread that the popular singer from Birmingham is allegedly involved in criminal offences related to money laundering. Speculation first began to spread when Foji’s Twitter account disappeared.


As reported by Desiblitz, ‘Upon speaking to Viper Kumar, Managing Director at VIP Records, DESIblitz has found out that Foji is currently standing trial and has been remanded in custody.’

‘A total of three trials are reportedly under way at the moment for the case. While Foji’s trial has finished, his sentence will not be confirmed until the other two trials have also wrapped up.’


The news comes as a shock to many as Foji Gill is regarded as one of the nicest and most humble artists of the UK Bhangra industry. Foji also like to do his bit for charity and was key in organising a Soho Road street party in Birmingham for Delete Blood Cancer which succeeded in getting 800 people registered to the Delete Blood Cancer register.


Desiblitz also went on to report, ‘As it stands, the outcome of all three cases are pending. Two cases are still being tried and the final sentence for all defendants, including Foji Gill, will be confirmed after all trials have finished.’