SatishKaushik01Satish Kaushik speaks to Ikonz Mag


Ikonz sub-editor Priya Combo spoke to Bollywood legend Satish Kaushik on his recent visit to the UK for promotions of his upcoming movie ‘Promise Dad’.


Q1) Where has the inspiration for Promise Dad come from?

A) Actually it is Ritesh Sinha’s vision and in 2008 or 2009, Ritesh was my associate on one film I was making and he narrated the story to me.

When I heard it I said ‘my gosh this sounds interesting’ and I found it very emotional. But his vision and dream is coming true today. The film is releasing, it is totally his inspiration.



Q2) Could you tell us about your character in the movie?

A) I play Raman, the father who has a son named Malay. Raman marries and British-er who leaves him and after she leaves, he shares a very special bond with his son. They make tea together, they eat together. Raman works in a ice rink, and Malay finds interest in it whenever he visits his father. Raman sees his son has talent in ice skating and does what he can to keep his son ice skating due to the financial difficulties they are in and the struggles they face.



Q3) You are hugely recognised for you comical roles in Bollywood, how did Promise Dad differ to that?PriyaAndSatish

A) Look, I am first an actor and I have done my course at NSD (National School of Drama, Delhi), since 1979, so for me comedy or tragedy is the same. But yes in Bollywood you are sometimes put in some sort of slot which then becomes popular. So when I did Calendar in Mr India (Hindi movie), that became popular and now people still talk about it. So they thought I could do comedy and kept giving me that. I do enjoy it though as one always wanted to be on-screen. Although I did comedy, I was a serious actor inside. In theatre I did serious roles but in cinema nobody gave me that. But then I did Brick Lane which was a British film in 2007, that broke the ice. You will see I’m not just a funny guy in the film (Promise Dad), but I love to be funny because making anybody happy is a good feeling.



Q4) What can the audience expect from the movie?

A) It is a very emotional film between a father and son, so audience will be engrossed. The screenplay has been done by Ritesh Sinha which is interesting  and the way he has written the film has been beautifully done. It is like Mahabharat, and the struggles Arjun faced. It is Indian at heart and audiences can relate.



Q5) Describe Promise Dad in 3 words.

A) Aspirational, relateable and everybody’s story.




Q6) And finally, a message for your fans.

A) The film is releasing, I always come to Britain, this is my second British film so please go and see it. Always be happy and positive in life.


Interview by: Priya Combo

Twitter: @priya_king

Instagram: PriyaCombo