Singer and songwriter Veronica Mehta has shared her story of bravery and courage with the world after she found out she had cancer.

The actress has told the story of how she found a lump in her left breast while heavily pregnant with her third child, Veer. She was diagnosed with grade three breast cancer in October 2016 and had a Caesarean section in order to start treatment.

Veronica shocked her fans when she shared what she had been through as she had decided to keep her illness private. She told the Evening Standard newspaper she chose to keep her “private life private” in line with her cultural background.

“If a couple of people found out about my situation — there is a bit of a stigma attached to it. Had I done something wrong? Or perhaps it was karma? And that would really upset me. The older generation come with that. Now when I come out with my story I don’t believe the younger generation will think like that at all — I think they will embrace and support it. It’s just not enough people have spoken about it. We need to break the stigma,” Veronica told reporters.

She said went on to talk about she felt about telling her daughters Mya  and Esha, “I didn’t know what was going to happen to me, or what would happen to them.”

Veronica who is now clear cancer and awaiting breast reconstruction said, “It has left me emotionally and mentally scarred. But it is also my motivation to bring awareness, not just in the Asian community, but to everyone, that cancer can happen to anyone and everyone — even when you are young.”