Dilwale UK press conference!IMG_1184


Today London was graced with the pleasure of the Dilwale cast who got the UK’s press and media together to talk about their upcoming movie.


Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon all arrived in London to launch the highly anticipated movie which is due for worldwide release on 18th December 2015. Hosted by the UK’s very own talented actor and media personality Ameet Chana the press conference held at a top London hotel was attended by the world’s media, including Ikonz Mag.


IMG_1125Shah Rukh and Kajol wooed everyone with their personalities and their beautiful off-screen chemistry, a reflection of how their friendship has stayed strong over the years and how much respect they have for each other both personally  and professionally. Shah Rukh was his usual charming self and spoke very humbly of his younger co-stars Varun and Kriti.


Varun and Kriti seemed to be embracing the love as they too paid high respect to both Shah Rukh and Kajol. Both seemed honoured to working with such respected actors of Bollywood and full of admiration for their seniors.


It was a great press event organised by Canvas, and Ikonz was privileged to be part of it. IMG_1092

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