When we last saw Preeya Kalidas as Amira on our TV screens in Eastenders, she left with a shocking secret. Now the actress is soon to return with that secret in hand…Syed's daughter. Preeya who made her exit from the show after finding out her husband was gay and sleeping with friend Christian will make a shocking return that will no doubt stir up up the lives of Syed and Christian, who are both planning to marry and adopt their own child.

Speaking of her return on BBC Asian Network, Preeya commented: "It's actually really exciting. I'm quite excited to go back and face the wrath of Syed and Christian!"

The 31-year-old confirmed that Amira went ahead with the pregnancy and will "come back with a little girl" very soon. When asked what viewers can expect from the storyline, she replied: "Drama – a lot of drama. It's going to get emotional – it's EastEnders, it's got to! She's having a tough time of it – she's a defiant woman who's defying her dad, and she comes back to the Square and ends up facing the man who broke her heart."

We have recently seen scenes of Yousaf plotting up yet another scheme behind the Masoud's backs, after finding our from Zainab that Syed is wanting to get in touch with Amira to file for divorce so he can marry Christian…however this it is yet unclear to veiwers exactly what he is plotting.

Amira's return scenes will show that she has been living in her father Qadim’s apartment, but is desperate to evade his over-protective and ever watchful eye on her.

Hmmm sounds interesting…we look forward to welcoming Amira (Preeya Kalidas) back onto our screens…oh and all the drama to go with it!